Frequently asked questions

My child wants to play netball. What do I need to dc?

Mandurah Netball offers competitions in Winter which are played in the second and third school terms, and Spring which runs in the forth school term. Enrolments start in February for Winter and in September for Spring. Look out on our facebook page for upcoming events, or under the "News" tab

Where do I enrol?

You can enrol your child through their school, if the school participates or through a club. You can email a club direct (see the clubs tab above) to get any info you might need. You can leave a message on a facebook page for most of the clubs also. All registrations are done online.

I don't want to join a club or enrol through my school. Can I still play?

Yes. MNA allows you to enrol your team, but you must follow all the same rules for a club to register with us. YOU MUST contact us about uniform colours and team names before you take any steps to form a one off team. Any purchase of a team uniform without consulttion, may result in a costly error and the need to purchase another uniform.

I want to umpire, what do I do?

See the "Get Involved" tab above to contact our Umpire Development Officer & Coordinator. MNA offers the Green Shirt Program to new umpires looking to learn the basics. It is aimed at girls 13+ years of age. If you are an adult looking to update your knowledge or renew your badbge, we can help too. There are also numberous online courses to do through Netball WA and Netball Australia. Please be aware that you should register as a Non-Playing Umpire (at no cost) prior to starting the course, to have any qualification recognised. If you are an umpire who wishes to increase your skills, be mentored or assessed, or to future your career in Netball umpiring at WANL or Metro League, please contact the Umpire Coordinator.

I have been asked to Coach a team my child is playing in, Help!

MNA offers pre season courses and in season courses for new coaches. There are many online references and documents that can give you some basic drills and stratagies. Check out the link at the bottom of the page for some of these. You can also enrol to do your "Foundation Coaching" and gain a recognised qualification from Netball Aust through us and Netball WA. For more information please see the "Get Involced" tab above and go to Coaches. Watch our Facebook Page for Clinic details

I am moving to Mandurah, how do I enrol my child in the Development Program (TDS) for next season.

MNA runs open trials for our TDS & Metro League teams at the end of the Winter Season. Look out for info on our Facebook page and under "News" on this website. Girls turning 12-17 in the following year are asked to attend and trial for a place in a team. We start training after the New Year for Metro League which runs from late Feb to early April each year. TDS training starts after a second phase trial early in the new year and culminates in a Statewide competition with other Associations in June. We are happy to support older (18+) players who have registered with us for the Winter Season, to compete in the Open or Masters Divisions in the State Championships. Contact the office for more information.

What do I do about injuries?

It is important that all netball injuries should be reported immediately to the first aid officer for assessment, for the safety of your child and in some cases, our records may be required for insurance purposes. You can find a claim form and the insurance document on the above tab "Forms & Documents"

Who runs the MNA competitions?

Mandurah Netball Association is run by volunteers. Each club is expected to provide two members to attend committee meetings, during the season and to attend the AGM. From these representaives, we form a roster for people to run the office. Some of our dedicated committee take on roles such as Development Officer or Umpire Coordinator, and put in many unpaid hours. Like you value the volunteer Coaches at your club for all the time they put in, the Association values our volunteers above all else. Without our Committee, we would have no competition, and no umpires and no fun.